Yet another blogging system - Jekyll

Rather than actually add anything interesting or useful, yet again the temptation has arisen to change blogging systems. The motivation this time came from the constant requirement to keep Drupal (or any fancy system for that matter) up to date so that it doesn’t present a security risk to the server. Even though I haven’t actually been adding any content, I’ve kept having to update the site, which has become increasingly annoying.

Jekyll is different in that it transforms plain text files into a static website. I’ve been looking for something similar for many years but have now taken the plunge. So far it has taken a few hours to get up to learning curve. Since I haven’t been paying much attention to web development stuff a lot of new things seem to have come on the scene - e.g. SASS.

Anyway - this time maybe the ease of editing in Vim will reduce the number of excuses to produce some actual content.

Meanwhile, a glance back at some of the systems that I’ve used over the years:

Amazingly they are all still going! Admittedly some don’t appear to have changed much. I wonder what will be next…

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