Welcome to my site. Well this is quite awkward since I have no way of knowing who I'm talking to or why you are here (you may also be wondering the same thing - or you may have left already). I've had a 'site' on the Internet for a long time and have often wondered why. I mostly try and keep a low profile and a lot of the old content on here now feels like it was written by a different person. After a long hiatus I have now decided to stop worrying about the critics and the potential for ridicule and just keep going - possibly for nothing other than future nostalgia. Having learned an awful lot from the Internet and other people over the years I'm going to try and add a few things that might be helpful.

I am attempting to employ the principles of Kaizen (continuous improvement) so we'll see.

As always, time and motivation will determine what actually gets added, so in the absence of any relevant content, hopefully the rest of the Internet will provide sufficient distraction.

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