Xoops hacks

Since finishing Half-Life 2 I had to find something to do with these cold, dark, netflix-free evenings while Catherine is watching The Apprentice. So I’ve been trying to get back into a bit of coding. Xoops provided the ideal framework to start learning PHP, SQL and object orientation. The first project was to get images in news items to be uploaded and resized in one go. The next two were to add the comments and wordbook entries to the RSS feed. These files can be downloaded in the new Downloads Section.I’m not sure I will ever be able to really code using Object Orientation, although I am getting more used to it. I suppose it just takes time and a mind shift. Writing code is quite satisfying as you can get a quick results high. However, the job never seems to be quite done and even though you have the thing working it always needs to do more than it does and this extra step is always a world of pain away. I also have a tendency to get bored after the initial working version. Am I a bad person or is this fairly normal?

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