Migrating from Xoops to Drupal

Well I’m not quite sure what precipitated this - but here goes another switcheroo. This time from Xoops to Drupal. Ok - so this implies that the Jaxon was right all along but hey things could have been so different. Xoops was great - and still is - but for some reason I lost faith and so did a lot of other people. I get the impression that the rats are leaving the sinking ship - but I may be totally wrong and Xoops may spring back to life any minute. I’ve always kept an eye on Drupal and only when I experimented with CivicSpace did it all become clear. The switch may seem a little premature since they are just about to release a new and shiny 4.7.x version, with AJAX goodness, but the tables in 4.6 were actually more compatible with Xoops than 4.7 - so why not. Drupal also has Gallery 2 (that actually works), and migration of photos from xoopsgallery was simple, once I updated albums using the latest 1.5.x version. All this of course means nothing to anyone - and the only reason I mention it is that it has taken a bit of fiddling to achieve. Hopefully the novelty factor will kick in and new stories will be posted a plenty. Until then - there is nothing to see here - move along.

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