Giant Beans

Went to Alef and Elat Persian markets today to try and get some cheap veggies. These were billed as ‘markets’ where you could get a more lemons than you could carry for the same price as one at Ralf’s. Well they weren’t exactly markets but they were certainly busy and cheap and it felt rather like being transported to some small middle eastern supermarket. They even had the comedy CD stand and played dodgy music to the assembled crowd of scary middle-to-old-age short ladies who darted about, or just stood in the way, complete in the knowledge that they were in charge. We got some fruit, tins of ‘Giant Beans’ ala Greece, a sweet lemon (sweet but lemony) and a few other things then mumbled off to Trader Joe’s which felt a lot less intimidating and was a lot less fishy smelling.

Went to see a French film at the City of Lights Festival. Saw Small Cuts (Petites coupures) and it was suprisingly funny for a french film… and only one person was terminally ill!

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