Jelly-Eating Zombie Monkey

My Jelly-Eating Zombie Monkey has been well and truly defeated by all sorts of other evil monkeys so I am distraught.

In other news, I think there may be some movement on the J1 visa application. However, the chances of getting one before the deadling of 21 April may well be low. This will mean a return trip to the UK and then another later in the month to pick up the visa when it is ready. Al l the while I earn no money and become more and more poor. Ahhh.
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First Western for a long time completed today and what did we see.. well nothing of interest… but at least there were some bands to indicate that something worked. This lab work stuff is all still very strange.

Contemplating the unthinkable… running Windows XP instead of RedHat 9 Linux tomorrow as for some reason I am miffed with the whole Linux thing at the moment. May well be something to do with the whole Palm pilot issues I have been having lately and how slow RedHat 9 seems to be… don’t ask me why but there it is.

Weather is getting hotter but the clocks going forward certainly helps the walk in in the morning. It is particularly delicious at the moment. Herb garden is flourishing and the Oregano seems to be flowering it is so pleased.

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