Well a full week of postdocing has now been completed. And what has been achieved. Well solutions mainly, but a plan is starting to take shape and it is significantly different from the one last week. However, in the bloke in the pub description it seems to remain the same so there is little point in describing it in great detail.’, ‘
Being back in the lab after two and a half years of absence is a strange one. Walking around the lab and retrieving measuring cylinders, beakers, bottles, making 10 molar sodium hydroxide and pouring concentrated hydrochloric acid about as if it were medicine. The computer side of life has gone back to being a distraction and something to fiddle with rather than the main meat of the day and I am satisfying my need for gVim (just don’t ask if you don’t know) by maintiaining my lab book in html under cvs (again just don’t ask). Oh and of course there is the obvious sequence analysis to try and work out the answer before it is found by wet work. It remains to be seen which is more successful.

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