Doing nothing...

Well I don’t know how I ever managed to have time to do anything when I had a full time job as I seem to be able to fill the days just as easily now that I am unemployed. ‘, ‘Got a hard drive enclosure and converted my old desktop drive to USB… which gives me another 40Gig of space to put mp3s… nice. Also found all the mp3s that I thought I had lost on the disk and so now have more music than sense.
IKEA came up trumps today and we should be taking delivery of a sofa and a bedframe tomorrow… which may make life a little more comfortable to say the least. Thermarests are good at what they do but they were not designed to be the only seating available in your flat.
Mostly eating rissotto with squash quite nice and fairly easy to do. Recipe from Sainsbury’s online (search butternut squash risotto) involves making into cakes but that is fairly pointless.

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