No More Netflix

Netflix, the online DVD rental service, looks like a complete winner on paper and has gained popularity in the last few years. The disks arrive is small red envelopes and can be kept for as long as required or returned the next day with no monthly maximum on most plans. With free shipping it makes sense to turn those babies around and maximize your disks per dollar. Recently we’ve been getting a little behind and so I decided to cancel - or at least put the account on hold. Despite sending most disks back the next day the stats are quite suprising. We signed up almost two years ago and rented 222 movies at a total cost of $457.54 or $2.06 per disk. I hate to think how much it would work out as if you casually kept them for days at a time. For my own posterity, here is the list of rented films - nearly all were worth watching - but a few of my hidden gems are highlighted.

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