Go Go Gadget Garmin

Garmin is a great company. At least that is what they want me to think and at this point I am likely to agree. Ok, so their devices have proprietary maps that cost hundreds of dollars and they don’t have any good topo maps of the UK but they certainly know how to keep their customers happy when it comes to service. When my Etrex Legend C colour hand-held GPS developed a nasty rubber skin shedding disease shortly before the 1 year warranty expired I dilly dallied in returning it. Assuming it was too late and that I would have to pay, I ignored the problem until the unit became unusable. Upon emailing them to confess my symptoms, despicable GPS parenting and lack of warranty I was surprised to get an RMA by return of email. One Fedex box and 7 days later a brand-new machine arrived on my door complete with complimentary car charger cable by way of an apology.

Encouraged by this I contacted Apple to see if I could get my battery and headphone jack fixed under my AppleCare extended warranty. The poor-wee-pod is currently being diagnosed and I should hear back from them tomorrow as to its fate. Of course if the Garmin experience is anything to go by then I expect to receive a shiny video iPod in the post on Monday. Phat Chance.

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