Beefcake verging on Freakazoid

Adam Sperling and I have recently been under the command of D.I. Horwitz at the Woodden Center - a combined gymnasium and freakazoo. Having spent a total of approximately 5 hours in a gym between the ages of 15 and 30 I was only mildly surprised when I was barely able to look at most of the weights without feeling weak and tired let alone lift any of them. My first visit was rewarded with a complete inabilty to extend my arms for several days - which added to the enjoyment of my 11 hour LAX-LHR flight. Recently the post-workout stiffness is less severe and some mooscles have begun to make their existence known - at least until the blood flow goes back to normal. I am however, distinctly disturbed by the amount of mirrors and strange people in the place and we try not to linger too long (unlike some of the regulars).

This new healthier lifestyle, and the fact that I spent several hours last week in serious contemplation of buying an SUV, may mark the point of no return in my Californication.

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