Christmas 05/06

Christmas already seems like an age ago so I’d better get a move on and write something. Last year was trauma centrale with mother and I both having nasty colds and then the whole fire at Catherine’s house thing so this year didn’t have far to go to be better. Despite a strange start - where I could hardly move thanks to DI Horwitz’s Gym reigime two days prior, the rest was fairly normal and mostly taken up with long walks in Hampshire and surrounding counties, photographs of nearly everything and the occasional slice of cake. With specific memories fading those that cling on at present include - sheltering under a building in the rain to eat turkey sarnies (some with pickle, others without); playing with an electronic squeeky mouse with the new kittens / cats (Gandalf and Yan); the sister and her broken arm - I’ve got a broken arm!; Adam and Ali’s rapidly growing child and its ability to perform actions in response to voice commands (eg. blow a kiss, identify its nose / mother); walking along a cliff path in the slippery mud with the sister and broken arm; generally feeling that the entire population was either old or dodgy looking; remembering how to drive a car without an automatic tranmission through lanes that are not wide enough for one H2 let alone two cars; and realizing that Winchester / Salisbury have old buildings and wondering if I had just not noticed before or if I have become so Americanized that I am now a tourist in my own country of birth. Apart from that - it was quite cold on occasion and there was some turkey. I also seemed to sleep quite a bit and drink a lot of Diet Coke - I’ll blame the jetlag and paranoia about going back to 195lbs. Other stuff is starting to come back to me now - better leave it at this for now - have a look at the photos for more of an idea of what went on.

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