Back once again - renegade master not included

Don’t let the obscure reference to a Fatboy Slim lyric put you off - I have returned to post more fascinating news. Christmas and New Year was spent in the British Isles: one week in Hampshire and the other in Dublin. Catherine didn’t have such a great time as their Christmas Day meal was interrupted by a chip pan fire in the Granny annex. Luckily no one was hurt but the smoke damage was pretty traumatic. Catherine’s niece Clara an evening with Mary Canning, an afternoon stroll with Siobhan and Peter, and some excellent fish and chips kept the spirits up.

This was my first visit home with my own camera and I went a bit over the top with photos. I also dug out the old family slides and scanned in a selection. In the process I realized that photos without people are pretty tedious unless they happen to be of memorable places. This makes most of my photo gallery incredibly dull to anyone except me (this is news?). It also struck me that photos of seemingly dull things can often be the most interesting if they spark vivid memories. It is therefore a shame that a lot memorable places and people are missing from the photo album. To this end I started taking pictures of the insides of my parents shed, Lymington High Street, the lab where I currently work and other seemingly weird stuff. 360 degree panoramas were also popular and I managed to create nice scrollable images with ACDSee.

Back in LA work continues… the UCLA Postdoc Society website continues to sap my time… a DVR turns Catherine into a TV monster watching seemingly endless episodes of The Gilmore Girls… exercise levels rise to combat the 195 lbs with more squash… Ali goes Goat, Stoat and Badger crazy… less than 4 months after my 30th birthday I turn into a genealogy addict (see next post)… Suzanne Fielding dropped in for a brief visit on her way to New Zealand… and during all that time… No Snowboarding! Tragedy.

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