Geocaching is essentially letterboxing with a GPS. Letterboxing has been around for years and I remember doing a it on Dartmoor when I was about 10. I have to admit that I was skeptical about geocaching. For a start it just seemed a bit too geeky. However, after dabbling a bit I have changed my view and it is quite entertaining.

Today I walked into work via Sanctuary 4. Approaching the cache I found a new cafe in a nice little courtyard next to The Anderson Management School so stopped for a latte. I didn’t find the geocache itself (an altoids tin) but I did find a nice bench in a grassy / sunny area behind the building (pictured right).

Last weekend we looked for another cache (Drive-thru Caching) whilst on a hike in Franklin Canyon. Again I didn’t try too hard to find the tin but the cache revealed a pond and bench just off the road which was bustling with koi / goldfish that we would have missed otherwise.That walk turned out to be slightly more interesting than it should have been when we (I) insisted on following the trail marked on the GPS and the ranger hut map. After circumnavigating 2 fences, a ‘No Trespassing’ sign and a construction site, we ended up on a road with posh houses on either side. Of course reaching the bottom it turned out to be a gated community :-) The gate house didn’t seem to have anybody in it (from this side) and so Catherine and I scampered over the wall. Exciting or suicidal - you decide…

Check out for caches in your area.

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I have received heavy abuse from a certain reader with regard to this post and it's 'la-de-da' nature. I am not however, 'A lady', nor am I 'A Gay' or 'A Mental'. However, I accept the critisism and hopefully normal service will resume shortly.

In my defence I would point out that the latter part of the story involves climbing 8 foot fences, trespassing on millionaire's back gardens and narrowly avoiding being shot at by potentially angry security guards. The attention span of the aforementioned reader clearly didn't enable him to reach this point. :-o

Meanwhile please take time to view other park benches from around the world:


I think the attempt to "butch up" the, 'o, what a lovely bench, I'm glad I found it with my GPS, where is my camera' nature of the above post is sadly lacking in substance. In fact I did read further to the action hero-esc description of a small trespass, however the main thrust of the post, i.e. what a lovely bench/what a very lovely and populated pond, needs ridicule and as such.....

Excuse me is this the correct bench for ladies? I'm a lady you know....a lady.


There is clearly only one way to settle this..."graham+is+a+lady" = 0 matches

A clear and unequivocal result. Interestingly though..."ben+is+a+lady" = 1 match!

Curious how the guilty often hide behind the finger of accusation. Time to come out of the closet and email one of your well eyebrowed admirers?


An interesting way of settling the problem, however to clarify, the Google hit in its totality reads; 'Ben is a lady killer' a fair observation, but I don't see how it addresses your lovely bench fetish?


Here is your "lady killer" picture... a cute and fluffy doggy woggy. With regard to the bench issue, I am perfectly comfortable with my benchuality. I do however firmly believe that benches are to be used for seating only. Any other sick and twisted bench related perversions are the product of a deranged mind. To prove I have no shame here is another image, taken at the same coordinates. Which is the correct Santuary 4 is still in doubt due to poor reception in that area. Here is the description from

UCLA has many secluded areas where you can sit and relax, but at various time through the day and through the week most of them have characteristics that would make any attempts at mediation futile. This particular sanctuary enjoys the sound of two huge exhausts (or are they intakes?)

As I didn't read this before going there I can't remember any air intakes. Maybe you would like to accompany me on a return visit to one of these two 'lovely benches'. You would probably like that - eh Big Ben.

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