Half Life 2 = Sue Freaking Perb

Without ruining it for you by increasing you expectation… Half Life 2 is amazing. Why? Interactivity. You can pick things up, wander around and either put them down or chuck them. After you emerge from the tunnels very early in the game you find yourself outside in a square. You walk around and find youself standing in a playground. You nudge the swings - they start swinging. Ok you think ver nice… lets push them a bit more. Now the initial excitement falls away slightly as they don’t bend like real swings but are rigid. You wander over to the see-saw - and it hits you that here they don’t have such a difficult problem. This time the see-saw doesn’t disappoint it reacts exactly right: you run along it… then you see some breeze blocks… you place them on one end - it tips… you place on on the other side - it almost balances. A doll lies on the floor - you throw it againt a crate - it smashes…. I do not need to continue. If this is just a bit of scenery - imagine the rest of the game!

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