30 going on 13

It is now official. I have every gadget I could possibly need. The latest addition is quite special and was uber kindly donated by herself for my journey into old age that was my 30th birthday. It is a Garmin Legend C (for colour) handheld GPS. Ok so it is probably mostly pointless - where am I - oh I am at work… where am I - oh I am at home… etc. Having said that it does have superb mapping abilities and all is able to navigate LA’s not insigificant roadways.

Oh and Andy Jackson was here… Did I mention it was my birthday? Oh yes. So Jaxon popped in on his way to NZ (for his 5th consecutive summer) and we were supposed to go to Vegas. Monday / Tuesday it rained all day here, Catherine and I both had colds and all was not going well… we also couldn’t find any hotel rooms for Friday. So basically Vegas was off… what next? Luckily Andy was here so we could do touristy things. The Venice Canals (again), Chinese Theatre, Pasadena, Fry’s Electronics, Venice Beach, Griffith Park and various restaurants / pubs were visited during the stay. The big day was spent at Universal Studios for that true little kid birthday treat. Not only that I had Panda for lunch (first for months after the UCLA one shut) and Cinnabon for an afternoon piglet snack… yes it is probably all downhill from here :-)

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