UCLA Disc Golf Course

Adam, Ben, Daniel and I have played a few rounds of disc golf around campus and so I thought I would write up the course. It takes in the mid-campus area avoiding heavily populated areas. Designing a rigid course is somewhat against the much flaunted ‘spirit of the game’ but given time restrictions during working days it is simpler to be able to go out and play and not worry about the course each time. That said, improvements to the course should be sought at all times and opportunistic comedy holes must be played. We also strongly advise using flexible Dogobie Discs in case you happen to near miss someone. Luckily you can buy these in Copeland Sports in the Union. Another rule that has become necessary is the bunker rule. Areas marked in yellow in the pictures are flower beds, dense vegetation or generally places where climbing into would look fairly dodgy to a passing faculty member. Any shot where the disc cannot be retrieved without climbing into the bunker counts as a penalty stroke. Players should exit the bunker asap and take the shot from the nearest exit point. The current course can be found in the UCLA Disc Golf Course gallery.

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