UCLA Frolf

I was introduced to Disc Golf (or Frolf) in Bristol when I used to play Ultimate with Mythago. There were no real courses, like there are in California, but we made do around the park near the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Unfortunately, the nearest course to us is in Huntington Beach and I’ve never been interested enough to get down there. The UCLA campus was the obvious choice for a venue but there are normally too many students around. Enter the Aerobie Squidgie Disc… This little beauty flies very well but is flexible enough not to decapitate anyone who happens to be in the way. So Adam Sperling and I took to the campus to map out a course. It seems we are not the first though as this Daily Bruin article demonstrates.

To demonstrate what you can achieve instead of / whilst watching TV…. I have added the UCLA Frolfcourse to the gallery.

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