Wear Sunscreen

Keep coriander (cilantro) fresh for days by storing in a ziplok bag in the fridge. Listen to the wisdom of George Carlin. Focus Dailies disposable contact lenses can be worn for 3-5 days if kept in sterile saline. Stop drooling over expensive plasma TVs and get a projector. Rent movies with netflix.com and share them with a friend or two to cut the cost. Don’t bother to use the tumble drier - get a clothes horse. Use allmusic.com to find artists similar to those that you already like. Try a potsticker or two. Buy an iPod, a G5 Mac and an LCD screen.Use Firefox instead of IE, Thunderbird instead of Outlook Express and iTunes instead of Windows Media Player. Try Czechvar (Budvar) or Pilsner Urquell as an alternative to Bud Light. Get your own domain name before someone else takes it. Use RSS feeds for sites you read regularly. Listen to comedy on BBC Radio 4 and now BBC 7. Don’t listen to any advice that you find on the internet.

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