Brown Bread

This recipe has been tested several times with our bread machine and produces good bread for sandwiches on two consecutive days. Unlike American bread it is not too sweet and because you made it yourself you can cut a good thick slice. Of course you can’t get whole grain flour here so you have to make it by adding various tooth breaking bits. For extra value you can buy the white flour ($4 per 25lb) and yeast ($5 per 2lb) from Costco. Add in the following order to the machine:

300ml    Filtered Water
1.5tbsp  Salt
250g     Brown flour
250g     White bread flour
1tbsp    Brown sugar
1tbsp    Non-fat dry milk powder
3tbsp    Oil
1tbsp    Molasses
Some     Flax seeds
Some     Porridge oats
Some     Whole grain wheat
Some     Hulled barley
7g       Active dry yeast

Set machine to Whole Wheat program with 1.5lb loaf size and hope for the best.

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