Some good... some not so good

Went to see Shrek 2 not expecting much but was pleasantly surprised. Antonio Banderas was perfect (no pun in ten did) as Puss in Boots and several other English actors (Jennifer Saunders, John Cleese all baddies of course) kept up the amusement. The comedy was mosty movie and fairy tale references but held up in this well renderred sequel. It’s also set in ‘Far Far Away”, ie Hollywood / LA / Beverly HIlls, so has several local in jokes and locations including Rodeo Drive.

Osama was an altogether different, but worth while, experience and immediately following it by Love Actually removed some of the misery.

Don’t bother with Japanese Story… or Flower of Evil. Star Trek: Nemesis I hadn’t seen and it was as bad as expected…

We are now trying Netflix free trial and so we’ll see how that works out… expect even more film news… joy.

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