Adam and Ali's Site of Sites

I just setup a new site for Adam and Ali so that he can fascinate us with tales of babies and Spanish life.

In doing so it occurred to me that rather a lot of people now have their own domain names. Gareth Cromie is the latest of those to grab his before it got stolen by some other, random, person. Greg Horwitz, Mona Shahbazian, David Millband, Andy Jackson, Richard Blythe, Darren Taylor, Adam and Ali, Stewart Pratt, Catherine Millar are other sensible people (spot the blatant google bomb). Meanwhile there is still time for Ali Edwardes and Mary Canning but sadly AJ Johnson has gone to a Maryland property developer… but AJ would want something more amusing than a simple name anyway… I use GoDaddy to register my domain name for $6.95 per year… plus $9 to make all the personal info hidden from whois. Not bad for an e-mail address that you can keep for the rest of your life and will hopefully be remembered by people.

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