Online Grocery Shopping

2014-05-15 Update: Added links to Eddie Izzard Lego videos. We’re still using and loving Ocado - subscription works well to reduce delivery charges if you shop often. Haven’t been to a supermarket for a big shop since writing this article.

Online grocery shopping is the way forward. If you haven’t tried it yet, then it comes highly recommended. Simple, quick and convenient. Don’t know what you have in the cupboard? Just get up and look - then go back to the computer and order it! Can’t think of what to buy? Just grab a recipe book or look at suggested recipes and click on a few ingredients. Feeling super cheap? Browse ALL of their offers on a single page and have a cheapskate field day. Not got time to go to the shop and queue for hours with the murderers? Not read up on your Izzard supermarket queue strategy (New queue, new queue!) recently? Just forgetaboutit - book a slot, order a few extra bottles of wine to lower the cost of delivery and get over it. Just remember to be in when they arrive with all the delicious goodies!

In the UK you can choose between Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Ocado. Ocado is a strange joint venture / partnership between Waitrose and a dedicated grocery delivery company. Although somewhat more expensive than the other two, it sells super-poncey (in a good way) stuff and operates from dedicated warehouses so you get the good stuff, not the mush left behind in the local store picked out by someone that resents your very existence. Sainsburys is cheaper and is a reasonably choice, but you have to contend with substitutions or missing products - they are getting better but this remains a problem for those of use that want pak choi at 10pm on a Sunday.

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