MBA Diploma Stage... Done.

In theory at least, assuming exam disasters, I am through the first stage of the MBA. It has been quite a roller coaster ride so far and last September seems so long ago that it appears that my life is now being measured in dog years. Although ‘Not Rocket Science’, the course is rather intense to say the least, with endless group work, lectures, fancy jargon and almost entirely meaningless two-by-two matrices. Sleep has mostly become a memory, weekends generally merged into weekdays, the pile of textbooks and reading stands as tall as a small pony, my eyelids now have lines where no lines existed before. Despite, or possibly because of, all this hard work, it has been a fantastic experience so far. Here is a list of things that spring to mind that happened in the last 10 months:

I now have 1 weekend off and then launch into a 10 week internship on Monday morning. After that there are two sets of electives (more lectures) and an International Business Project to be done. So, I guess I’ll be a student for a little bit longer!

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