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There should be plenty of things to amuse the less than completely jaded tourist in the local or greater vicinity of the wedding. However, be slightly forewarned that the roads in Ireland are often rather less than splendid and travel times can be deceptive. Ok, so it might take 5 hours to travel from Los Angeles to Mammoth - over 300 miles away - but in Ireland it could take 300 hours to travel 5 miles if you get stuck in one of the larger potholes and are rather diminutive in stature. For example, Google Maps suggests the journey from Moyvalley to Connemara, a distance of only 150 miles might take 3 and a half hours - in reality you may be better taking a calendar with you.

The placemarks on the map are colour coded to help you figure out where everything is: The wedding ceremony and receiption venues are in red Dublin airport is in pink Places that you might like to visit are in blue…zoom out for the whole country.

Local to the wedding

There are a variety of ‘attractions’ of unknown levels of excitement around the wedding location. Check out this handy tourist map of County Kildare, use the power of Google and judge for yourselves.

Greater Dublin area

West of Ireland

Southwest of Ireland

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