Gravies symbol

The symbol that appears on the front page again deserves an explanation (if only so that the picture of how odd I am really becomes clear). It probably stems from a complete inability to draw anything and also relies heavily on the already mentioned lack of imagination. Hence when doodling in moments of tedium I would attempt to come up with a symbol for my initials… first suggested by my Dad (who must be similarly demented come to think of it) and from the glory days of motor racing when JPS sponsored ___ (insert name of team / driver because I can’t remember)… anyway JPS has a similar funky symbol and I wanted one too alright! It remains in use today as it is very easy to draw quickly on tubes, petri dishes, bottles of TE and other lab equipment where it serves to identify me as the tosser that I am to all others in the lab! Most commonly mis-identified as a W it is actually a G and a D with the back of the D missing by the way.

2014-05-11 Update: I dug this post out from some very old backups because I’ve re-instated the GD logo on the re-vamped site. This time it is pure SVG code embedded into the sidebar. I thought I should answer my own question from back then and it turns out that JPS (no longer a suitable brand as they make cigarettes) used to sponsor Team Lotus. If I’d bothered to look this up at the time (maybe searching the Internet was tricky in those days) I would have realised that the Lotus symbol also has interwoven initials; this time for founder Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman.

Despite being rather embarrassing and ridiculously geeky, using a monogram logo has proven quite lucrative for some luxury brands Louis Vuitton, Chanel, GE, EA, Gucci, WV, V&A, NY Yankees, etc.

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