Frozen Bread Sandwiches

For a constant supply of delicious, ‘fresh’ sandwiches you must suspend disbelief and try this one. Take a good quality, unsliced, malted brown bread and on the day of purchase slice it thickly, put the slices back together to form a loaf and immediately freeze in the original plastic bag. On the day of sandwich requirement simply take out two slides, add sandwich filling to the frozen bread, wrap in cling film and come lunch time you will have remarkably fresh sandwiches. Honest. In fact, freezing the bread and doing this gives fresher sandwiches than leaving the loaf out over night and making the next day. Some fillings tested so far are in here.

In related news - another top tip is to buy fresh Italian base pizzas and freeze them. These end up being much better than an bought frozen pizza. Don’t ask me why - but there it is.

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