Virtual Insanity

If you want something done properly you should probably do it yourself. Ok so I am making excuses already. Spit it out man… So I got a Virtual Private Server. There I have admitted it - this completes my journey into geekdom. What does it mean - you may well ask! The summary is that I now have a lost of space and the ability to do with it what I will. Alistair Edwardes and Vern Long were the first to be lured into my lair with the offer of free (for now - muh ha ha haaaa) space, mail forwarding and domain parkage.

An added bonus was that while I was looking for another domain name to make the shift from one server to the other easier I noticed had become available… so snapped it up. I’m trying to think of a generic domain that could be used in the form of (which is an option). This would allow people to get onboard without having to get a domain name.

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