It's aliiiiiive...

Well it arrived one day after the order was submitted… thanks Installation of the bits went smoothly with the only shock the size of the AMD 64 chip… it’s tiny!? After a lengthy install, SP2 update, nvidia driver install, reboot, reboot etc etc… it was time to install and play Doom 3… and what a beauty. High quality… 1024x768x32 not a problem… very smoooooth and a totally different game from the one being played (pointlessly) on the laptop.

For some reason (not entirely sure why) I am now installing Ubuntu Linux. This cheeky debian based distribution is the only one at the present time that has Gnome 2.8, yes you heard… Gnome… why? I was surprise too… 2.4 and 2.6 were just wrong but 2.8 for some reason seems right. Maybe it is just that Ubuntu has got the fonts and colours to look good for a change (cf debian). For the google bots out there the fix to get the nvidia nForce ethernet to work under linux on the MSI K8N Neo Platinum is to modprobe the forcedeth module.

I am rambling now while I wait for the apt-get dist-upgrade… which has now finished. Trajedy… the nvidia 64Bit drivers require a full 64Bit linux… which ubuntu clearly isn’t… luckily I am downloading the 64Bit Fedora Core 3 DVD… we shall see how the 64Bit chip really performs…. where is OS X Panther and matching Doom 3 when you need it!

/end of rambling nonsense

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