Doom 3 - Done

To hell and back… Doom 3. Beautiful graphics… captivating atmosphere… same old storyline… same old gameplay. Press this button… get this key… kill some monsters… roll on Halflife 2?

Possibly a bit harsh as I did enjoy it but as everyone said the gameplay was a bit old school. Then again this is Doom and it certainly lived up to the original in every way possible so you can’t really complain. I also liked the tongue in cheek self mocking throughout the game… “The main byproducts of energy production on Mars are: steam and green goo. Steam is vented strategically via vents throughout the complex…” etc etc. The BFG9000 was also very handy.

Next is Allied Assault: Spearhead - which was unplayable on my laptop… then Far Cry (free with the graphics card)?… then Halflife 2 :-) All played between 10-12pm… so no time wasting involved.

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