Messing about with Linux

So I succumb to the temptation of downloading Fedora Core 2 via bittorrent and burning a DVD. My Debian installation on my Fujitsu Lifebook C2210 was running fine in unstable but I was curious as to how Redhat was getting along with Fedora. Install ation was smooth but problems arose with the PCMCIA network card. I seem to remember having similar problems when I installed Debian but couldn’t remember the fix… and of course searching C2210 and pcmcia on google led mainly to my previous article! The fix is:

rmmod orinoco_cs orinoco ds
depmod -a
/etc/init.d/pcmcia restart

Don’t ask me why this works it just seems to. Now I have network at least… I’ll write more as issues arise.Next task… get apt working. Found Fedora Apt HOWTO and downloaded apt rpm… ok… now apt-get update… oooh fancy extra repositories… and it seems that yum is also support (out of the box)… meanwhile… apt-get install firefox (why isn’t this installed by default?) … and yes it appears in the ‘start menu’… well done… now editing in firefox… play some music… oh yes… no support for mp3s in Redhat… find the appropriate rpm? Find Livna repository of handy stuff… in addition to the old favourite freshrpms… however… I think I am abit early as they don’t seem to have updated to Fedora Core 2 yet… well it did only come out today! Meanwhile… time for bed.

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