Now that the new site is up and running there was a lack of geeking in the air. So since RSS has been getting more press lately and I can add RSS feeds to the site with geeklog, I decided to try Pluck, a free RSS reader for Windows since the news aggregators for Mozilla seem to be broken in Firefox. However, it appears to ony work in IE, making it next to useless. I then started to get fed up with adverts …on pages so looked up Junkbuster that I used to use in Linux and found Guidescope from the same people. It is Windows based and works as a proxy like Junkbuster. Seems pretty good so far. After installing any new software… do an AdAware scan for spyware. Lo and behold… WildTangent spyware detected… bastards… which a quite Google Groups will tell you is indeed spyware masquerading as game software. One of the posts in the above then pointed me to GRC and Shields UP… a web-based security check that looks for open ports etc. Very nice… and luckily for me my hardware router has me nicely stealthed.

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