Hosting etc

In case you are interested I am hosting this site with ICDSoft and they seem very good. I get 333 Mbytes for $5 per month… check the site for details of what it includes. They have a very good Control Panel thingy which allows you to edit files on the server and control nearly everything. My domain name is registered with GoDaddy… again they seem very good and are cheap. As for the rest… I use nucleus for the content management system… which uses an SQL backend. I have also recently switched to using Gallery for the pictures. Again this is pretty good, uses php… has a very active developer base and seems to do everything you could want. Not totally convinced by it yet though and might have a look at some others before adding all the comments etc… don’t like the way they use filthy comma separated text files for the databases… would prefer XML or something I can actually parse.

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