SoulSeek is very good… just need to get pySoulSeek to compile under Linux so that I don’t have to spend any more time running XP… nice as it is I can’t get php to work with cygwin at the moment so no testing of the website can be done locally.

Unsuccessful so far is the DVD to TV with DTS sound project… sound is good and using the handy Toslink optical cable I can get digital sound into the receiver but so far I can’t get Windows to recognise that the TV is connected. This is probably because of the S-Video to RCA converter thingy that I got on the net for 6.95 and not $20 in Radio Shack. Ho hum…

Let the geeking commence… Well this one really will be of no interest to anyone so I can get away with a lot of sad computery stuff here. Recent projects have been the resurection of a near steam-powerred Siemens Nixdorf Scenic 710 laptop with RedHat 8.0. The installation was interesting as I had no network card, no CDROM and only a WiFi PCMCIA card to play with. I tried Debian with boot disks but couldn’t quite get the WiFi card to work under the rescue disk so gave up rather sooner than I should. Turned to RedHat and made us of my new and very shiny Fujitsu C2210 LifeBook. I transferred the hard drive from the Scenic to the Fujitsu… no seals were broken in the process luckily… installed RedHat 8… downgraded to i386 kernel and glibc and moved the disk back to the Scenic… and it booted! Spectacularly demonstrating the power of Linux… try doing that with Windows and I won’t believe you. One minor blunder was that I didn’t realise there was an i686 version of openssl so of course Gnome wouldn’t run until I downgraded to the i386 package. Other than that it is now a marvellous second machine for browsing… on someone else’s network using the WiFi card… dodgy!

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