Doubled the size of the laptop disk space effectively today using an enclosure and my old desktop hard drive. An enclosure it seems is a very handy device that converts an IDE drive into a USB drive. The one i have is USB 2, luckily the laptop supports this, and so it works very fast indeed. Sleek and shiy thing it is too and a bargain… found a manufacturer that is located in LA and bought direct from the factory… half the price of Fry’s… cheeky. ME-720 is the box and it works very nicely with RedHat 8.0 Linux despite the bloke informing me that it wouldn’t. Plug it in and off you go.

Got pySlSk working under RedHat 8.0. Rebuild the rpms from the srpms and was surprised to find that you have to use rpmbuild –rebuild for some odd reason. Once wxPython was rebuild and installed everything worked. The only minor glitch was that to get it to actually connect you have to set the direcories for sharing and downloading. Then it will connect and all is splendid. Seems to work with the “standard” firewall settings from a RedHat 8 install.

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